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Karin-WEB copyKarin Verzijden

Karin is a Dutch attorney-at-law involved in the boutique life sciences law firm Axon Lawyers in Amsterdam as of its start in 2011. Her interest in food legislation stems from a combination of professional involvement and a personal interest in food. Professionally, Karin assists companies in licensing and R&D deals focusing on the tech side of food. Karin also has specific expertise relating to novel foods, food labeling and to health and nutrition claims. Karin in involved as a speaker at international food conferences at a regular basis, in including in 2018 the Vitafoods conference in Geneva, the International Life Sciences Institutes’ seminar on nutrition for the healthy brain in Madrid and Food Matters Live in London. Personally, Karin enjoys food, both as a source of health and pleasure.



Jasmin Buijs

Jasmin studied law in Utrecht and specialized in food law at Wageningen University. There she enhanced her legal background with knowledge on food properties and food related hazards. Jasmin enjoys assisting start-ups with bringing their innovative ideas on the market. She works on questions regarding novel foods, health foods, food supplements, advertising of food products and other labelling issues. Jasmin also has experience with IP and data protection cases. She not only speaks Chinese but also knows the Chinese legislation related to the export of food products to China.

Jasmin likes to devote her free time to good after dinner conversations, reading and yoga.


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